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About me[]

Hello! I am currently a journalism student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. With a love of writing and stories I entered the journalism major but I am now emerging with a new found passion for the web and multimedia aspects of my industry. When I need to detox from a long week I enjoy having crafting parties with friends where a supply snacks and some supplies and they bring anything they want to work on. With good people, music and creativity you can't go wrong!

My favorite thing to do when I open my computer is to check my email for the update from Craft, associated with Make magazine, o see their featured crafty tidbits of the day!

I love learning about other projects people are crafting and adding to my enormous list of things to craft.

I would love to hear what you are working on and see any of your craft postings.

My favorite steampunk pages[]

In my infinite spare time I work on the events calendar website I created for San Luis Obispo. I also love biking, backpacking, reading, and enjoying the wonderful people around me.

Contact info:[]


skype: mahassler

Twitter: meganhassler